web development • parallax • interactivity

Topdanmark came to Dreyer+Kvetny wanting an easier way to explain to their customers what the benefit of their life insurance policies were, whilst also getting them prepared for a conversation with one of the insurers.

The solution was a storytelling-site that that smoothly helped people through the topics "Illness and injuries", "Premature death" and "Pension". Where the user gets presented with specific scenarios.

Design & Illustrations by Knud Andersen (Dreyer+Kvetny)

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Riemann Advokatfirma

web development • interactivity • responsiveness • cms

The lawfirm Riemann came to AndBie Creative with a wish for a new website that highlighted their specialties. The solution became a website that provided a playful insight into their field, where you had the feeling of using an interactive newspaper. Mixed with illustrations with a style taken straight out of old prints.

Design & Illustrations by Knud Andersen (AndBie Creative)

Familiepsykolog Mette Bruun

web development • interactivity • animation • cms

Mette Bruun came to AndBie Creative with a wish for a new website which should be more modern than most other psychologists websites, while also showing that she is more family-friendly in her approach.

The solution was a website with a very clean design, soft colors and illustrations that highlight various issues and methods.

Design & Illustrations by Knud Andersen (AndBie Creative)

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web development • interactivity • responsiveness • cms

The recruitment agency Genitor came to AndBie Creative wanting a more modern website where all their information was still easily accessible to visitors.

Design & Illustrations by Knud Andersen (AndBie Creative)

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web development • functionality • interactivity • responsiveness • database design

CERTA Intelligence & Security came to AndBie Creative with a wish to develop a test, designed to show companies in which areas they might be vulnerable. Behind this system lies a very complex calculation of various risk values, which with its calculations and loads of connections crisscrossing between all the questions gives the company an indication of where they could have a problem.

Design & Illustrations by Knud Andersen (AndBie Creative)

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Drinking Buddy

web design • web development • concept development • visual identity

Drinking Buddy is one of my own projects, which is free to use. The website is a collection of drinks recipes, with a focus on being able to easily find recipes containing specific ingredients, while at the same time being able to exclude unwanted ingredients.

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Danske Spil
Royal Copenhagen
Brødrene Dahl
Dansk Internet Forum
Kansas City
Call Me
Alm. Brand
DK Hostmaster

I am of the opinion that the skills you can show are more important than how much experience you have. But having said that, I already have a handful of years from various agencies, as well as experience as a freelancer thrown on top.

Over the years I worked on everything from small to big projects. Everything from simply implementing web designs in WordPress to creating complex web applications with a focus on performance optimization and database structure.

I see myself as being a "Full Stack" developer on the basis that I feel fully comfortable in both frontend with animation and styling down to the smallest detail, as well as backend with a focus on safety, performance and structure. While over time also having been covered thoroughly in areas such as server setup, POSIX console, version control, project management and web design and UI/UX. To name just a few.

Work Experience

2017 - now Developer at Magnetix Linked by Isobar
2015 - 2017 Senior Developer at AndBie Creative
2014 - 2015 Digital Developer at Dreyer+Kvetny
2010 - 2014 Freelance Full Stack Developer
2008 - 2010 Multimedia Designer at MediaDirekt


2012 - 2014 Bachelor in Web Development (EAL)
2006 - 2008 Multimedia Designer (EAL)
2003 - 2006 Higher Technical Examination (OTG)

Other Experience

2018 - now Barchef / Manager at High Voltage
2014 - now Creator at Drinking Buddy
2017 - 2017 Bartender at High Voltage
2016 - 2017 Volunteer at BETA2300
2014 - 2016 Manager at Kansas City
2012 - 2016 Volunteer at Kansas City

Skill Areas

Agile Development • Analysis • Backend • CMS • Compilers • Cross-browser Compatibility • Database Design • Deployment • Frontend • Frontend Frameworks • Graphic Design • Interactivity • JavaScript Frameworks • LAMP Stack • MVC Frameworks • OOP • Performance Optimization • POSIX Terminal • Preprocessors • Project Management • Responsive Web Design • Server Setup • Social Media • UI/UX Design • Unit Testing • Version Control • Web Design • Web Development

Personal Qualifications

Acommodating • Attention to Detail • Committed • Creative • Dedicated • Flexible • Imødekommende • Innovative • Perfectionist • Quick learner • Reliable • Responsible • Structured • Systematic

Lingual Qualifications

Danish Fluid (Writing and speech)
English Fluid (Writing and speech)
German Household use (Writing and speech)


Bartending • Board Games • Comics • Concerts • Cooking • Movies • Music • TV-Shows • Video Games • Vinyls

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Michael is a very skilled developer. He is good at asking critical questions in the initial phase and coming up with alternative solutions to possible challenges. When a project has begun, he works hard and focused. And even when a project drags on, he retains a focus on the small details and makes sure everything gets done properly.

Esben Bie

CEO at AndBie Creative

Michael is among the very best people I´ve ever worked with. Extremely tightly organised, very knowledgeable about his field, patient and methodic in his approach. Apart from his code-centric skills, Michael has a great eye for UI design and web design. I´d feel extremely secure having Michael on board as part of my web development team.

William Paix

Digital Developer at Dreyer+Kvetny

I worked with Michael at Dreyer+Kvetny. Michael has an excellent ability to effectively listen and to proceed with each task at hand, both large and small. He is the first developer I had met who actually codes the design he is given. He has an eye for details and structured work style. He was keenly devoted to his work, but being a real people person, he was also enjoyable to be around.

Marta Abola-Kurpa

Illustrator at Dreyer+Kvetny

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Michael for the last half year on various web development projects. I probably can´t make room here for all the good things there are to say about Michael, but some of the keyboards are thoroughness, structured, creative, independent, industrious and above all, a good colleague. I sincerely hope we get to work together again.

Kasper Siggaard Andersen

Senior Developer at AndBie Creative